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31 Dec 2016

The Best Of 2016 – Music Photography

Pick Of The Bunch 2016 was not as a prolific a year as past ones when it came to live music photography. To be perfectly honest, I found it pretty hard finalising a top 10 selection. Having said that, I did manage to photograph close to bands and travelled to Perth, Western Australia to photograph Iron Maiden. That one was a bucket-list moment for yours truly and a very, very special weekend. I found collating this year’s top 10 to […]

19 Oct 2016

Scorpions Live @ The Palais, Melbourne

No One Like You Scorpions were a band that I had pretty much resigned to the fact to that I would never get to see live. In their illustrious 50 year career, it looked like they had by-passed Australia in all their world tours over those years. I count myself incredibly lucky to not only having witnessed this gig, but to have been able to photograph the band as well. Unfortunately, the Palais Theatre isn’t the most easy shoot for […]

25 Aug 2015

The Twenty Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time

Death To All But Metal! Where does one begin? Seriously, how does one even begin to compile such a list? I have thought about this many, many times over the course of several years and I end up frustrating the hell out of myself! I try to think back over a lifetime of listening to music and break it all down into some sort of sensical list. Over the years, the list does change but the following records that have […]