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06 Jan 2017

Fight Fire With Fire

Light ‘Em Up! One of my more popular portrait photos I have done also happened to be the very first time I had ever even attempted to photograph portraits. To say I was nervous is an understatement, but when we decided that fire was to be involved as well… things got just a little bit hotter in the kitchen let’s say! Danger aside, everybody involved was keen to do this and having said that, the resultant photograph seems to be […]

25 Nov 2015

Blackhelm Promo Shoot

The Blackhelm shoot you see before you had been done and dusted several months ago in the heart of Melbourne’s winter. The shoot was embargoed however, until the band (formerly Metalstorm) was ready to be unleashed to the world under their new moniker, Blackhelm. I was so antsy as I really wanted people to see these shots as I felt that we had a great day together making them. Well, the time has come and Blackhelm are ready for the […]

02 Jul 2015

Bane Of Bedlam Promo Shoot

Several months I was doing some location scouting in Newport. I like collecting a database of cool/creepy locations which I photograph and keep within the Client Area of my website. This way, if a potential client comes to me with a request for a shoot, I can allow them to peruse my archives and see if anything I have collated tickles their fancy. In talks with Bane Of Bedlam’s bassist, Nick Walker, he liked my photos from the abandoned Newport […]