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17 Nov 2016

Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

For most in my immediate circle, we grew up with Metallica. They weren’t discovered by us at a time when they had already made their mark on the world, but we found them way back in 1982 when record contracts were a figment of the band’s imagination and the only way they could get their music out was via the tape-trading circuit. The thriving tape-trading scene of the day reached fever pitch on a global scale when the No Life […]

25 Aug 2015

The Twenty Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time

Death To All But Metal! Where does one begin? Seriously, how does one even begin to compile such a list? I have thought about this many, many times over the course of several years and I end up frustrating the hell out of myself! I try to think back over a lifetime of listening to music and break it all down into some sort of sensical list. Over the years, the list does change but the following records that have […]

15 Sep 2010

Metallica Live @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

By the time I photographed Metallica back in 2010, I had been shooting live music for just over a year. During that first year, I tried to cover as many gigs as humanly possible. I wanted to experience and learn everything I possibly could about live music photography and by the time Metallica rolled around, I was beginning to feel like a seasoned pro. Little did I know that there was so much more to learn and experience along the […]