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29 Apr 2013

Black Sabbath Live @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

Generals Gathered In Their Masses… It’s hard to put into words what shooting this gig meant to me. But I’ll try. I’ll try real hard to comprehend all that unfolded before me and the honour, pride, raw emotion and sheer disbelief I felt standing a foot away from Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne… Black Sabbath! When the Australian gigs were announced many months ago, that little spark in the heart kicked into gear and I was left wondering, […]

26 Apr 2013

Otep Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

I’ve now officially shot my last show at the Hifi Bar. I have kicked and screamed and whined and moaned about its awful lighting for nearly every shoot I have done there. Tonight was the final straw… When the act themselves comments about the lighting after the first song, you know something is wrong… Otep pleaded with the ‘lighting’ guy to turn on the lights. After her response was ignored, she asked again and he bathed the stage with that […]

25 Apr 2013

Blue Öyster Cult Live @ The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

Arriving at the Prince Bandroom, I was greeted with a massive queue leading into the venue for tonight’s Blue Öyster Cult gig. I haven’t shot at the Prince much, twice before actually… Die Antwoord sometime in 2010, and Rowland S Howard in 2009… Once inside, the first thing I noticed was that there was absolutely no room to take photos. No pit. No where to get a decent shot. I cursed my luck and wasn’t looking forward to the night […]

26 Feb 2013

Kyuss Lives, Orange Goblin, Red Fang Live @ The Palace, Melbourne

After last night’s insanity at the Slayer/Anthrax gig, it was good to be back on home turf at Melbourne’s Palace for tonight’s stoner-fest with Red Fang, Orange Goblin and the legendary Kyuss Lives! set to rip Melbourne a new one… Being a fan of all three bands, I pretty much got to the venue straight from my Sydney flight and although I was feeling slightly weary, there was no chance in hell I was gonna miss a solitary second of […]

16 Feb 2013

Converge Live @ Billboard, Melbourne

There are some gigs you know full well are going to be insanity personified days before you have even set foot in the venue. Tonight was most definitely one of those nights. I mean, listen to any track that these guys have recorded and magnify that energy ten-fold and see how you fare. When you leave a gig battered, bruised, deafened and drenched in some liquid or another – and you’re there just as the photographer – something must have […]

01 Mar 2012

Devin Townsend & Meshuggah Live @ The Forum, Melbourne, Australia

Half way through a crazy week of shooting the cream of the crop when it comes to the Metal genre! Seriously, the Soundwave series of gigs – both the festivals and the ‘Sidewave’ shows manage to bring out some of the finest bands from all over the world! Big Day Out? Forget about it! This is where it’s at and on a Wednesday night you could have taken your pick and seen a slew of gigs at nearly every major […]

20 Jan 2012

The Damned Live @ Billboard, Melbourne

Smash It Up! I have fond memories of the Damned’s heyday back in the day. They were clearly my sister’s fave band at the time and I distinctly remember her room plastered full of posters and pinups of Dave Vanian and crew. I also remember driving her to (the now long gone) Venue in St.Kilda to see the Damned on their first Australian tour many, many years ago. A veritable plethora of nostalgia when it comes to the Damned so […]

15 Sep 2010

Metallica Live @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

By the time I photographed Metallica back in 2010, I had been shooting live music for just over a year. During that first year, I tried to cover as many gigs as humanly possible. I wanted to experience and learn everything I possibly could about live music photography and by the time Metallica rolled around, I was beginning to feel like a seasoned pro. Little did I know that there was so much more to learn and experience along the […]

25 Feb 2010

H.I.M Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

It’s always a treat getting to shoot a band you absolutely adore! Having been a huge H.I.M fan for quite a few years now, I was greatly anticipating the opportunity to photograph these guys. Which is saying something. Earlier in the day I won a pass to go and see the incredible Faith No More but I surrendered that ticket to my cousin. Couple that with the fact that also, Meshuggah were doing a show elsewhere – I decided to […]

10 Jan 2010

Ron Mueck

Having been a fan of Ron Mueck since I saw mere photos of his work online, I can assure you my entire being was blown away when I finally saw his art in the flesh. Silicone flesh. Larger than life. More human than human! Ron Mueck’s last Melbourne exhibition was back in early 2010 at the National Gallery of Victoria. I was there at the event photographing the sculptures for a publication who requested a ‘different take’ than just run […]