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10 Aug 2017

Joel-Peter Witkin

There aren’t too many photographers who I would deem a major influence. I draw most of my inspiration not from peers of music and /or street photography, but of visceral artists who preach, incite and illicit all that is carnal within the human (and not so human) psyche. H.R. Giger has been one such artist whose works I have studied and digested since I was gifted one of his books for my 18th birthday. It changed my life. It literally […]

08 Jul 2017

The Resistible Rise Of A Bear Of Little Brain

Stephen Ives is an architect of fantastic worlds My partner and I have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing several of Stephen Ives’ art shows over the years. Several are documented throughout this website. Let’s just say we are big fans and if there is ever an Ives’ show in Melbourne, we are there. Tonight was absolutely no exception. An explanation of the show is best personified by the write-up below by Alexander Mitchell… Stephen Ives, employs a rare level […]

27 Mar 2017

Nychos Bombards Australia

Exciting Street Art Hits Melbourne Street artist Nychos is one of the most exciting and talented artists in his field. Specialising in huge murals of bisected creatures (great and small), his vision allows you to take a look inside each creature with their anatomical structure popping out for al the world to see! Incredibly detailed works portray the skeletal and vein structures of a wide variety of creatures he has painted across the world. I was very fortunate to capture […]

08 Mar 2017

A Day With Killswitch Engage

The Hell In Me The last time I photographed Killswitch Engage that ended up being the last time I shot at my favourite venue, The Palace. I had also photographed lead singer Jesse Leach’s fist spoken word tour of Australia at Eureka Rebellion Trading and so when it came to Killswitch touring Australia again, I hadn’t as yet secured a photopass for the show. Jesse Leach is a prolific social media user so he put out the word on his […]

30 Jan 2017

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Push The Sky Away A beautiful Melbourne summer’s night was permeated with a veritable sea of flying bats overhead. Off to hunt for food overnight whilst the stage lights of Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl were waking from their slumber. Literally, from out of the shadows, Nick Cave walks to the front of the stage to rapturous applause and cheer from the sold out crowd. The bats dispersed away into the summer night, the music and an evening of musical […]

23 Jan 2017

Airbourne, The Ugly Kings Live @ The Trak, Melbourne

Denim And Leather It’s rare that local boys Airbourne are in town. They’ve been busy claiming the world’s festival stages and making them all their own. But when they do happen to be back home on our shores, one knows full well what sort of bombastic night of Hard Rock N Roll one is in store for. Tonight was the final night of the band’s Australian assault. They have been trekking around Australia with Melbourne band The Ugly Kings as […]

20 Jan 2017

Every Time I Die Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

A few wild and crazy nights come into mind whilst in this Rock N Roll photography caper. There was the Dillinger Escape Plan back in 2010, there was Toxic Holocaust back in 2012… and then there was this one… 170 Russell was pummelled to hell and back and turned into absolute mush! With a photo-pit wildly overcrowded by photographers and bouncers it certainly was an incredible ordeal finding any place to move to get your shot. The bodies were flying […]

13 Dec 2016

The Best Of 2016 – Street

The Best Of 2016 – Street I didn’t shoot nearly enough street this year as I would have liked to. I have been photographing Melbourne’s streets for close to 13 years and even if there is an air of familiarity about it all, there is still so much more that can be learnt and refined in the craft of street photography. I want to learn to get closer to my subjects in the years ahead and not be so voyeuristic […]

12 Nov 2016

Deftones Live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne

Pittura Infamante Fuck yesterday was a long day. Worked away on several projects at work that started at 7:30AM. Next thing I knew it was 6PM. I felt ready to crash hard then but I drove home, grabbed my camera gear and headed to Festival Hall. 7:15 shot Voyager. 8:15 shot Karnivool. Sometime after 9, shot Deftones. Waiting outside the venue between bands and shoot just results in inhaling so much second hand marijuana smoke that my head begins to […]

19 Oct 2016

Scorpions Live @ The Palais, Melbourne

No One Like You Scorpions were a band that I had pretty much resigned to the fact to that I would never get to see live. In their illustrious 50 year career, it looked like they had by-passed Australia in all their world tours over those years. I count myself incredibly lucky to not only having witnessed this gig, but to have been able to photograph the band as well. Unfortunately, the Palais Theatre isn’t the most easy shoot for […]