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10 Aug 2017

Joel-Peter Witkin

There aren’t too many photographers who I would deem a major influence. I draw most of my inspiration not from peers of music and /or street photography, but of visceral artists who preach, incite and illicit all that is carnal within the human (and not so human) psyche. H.R. Giger has been one such artist whose works I have studied and digested since I was gifted one of his books for my 18th birthday. It changed my life. It literally […]

22 Jul 2017

Rone The Omega Project

For me, it is always a thrill photographing any of Rone’s works. He is a true ethereal artist with the ability to transform the abandoned and the unwanted into definitive pieces of art. He creates life where there was once nothingness. Cold becomes warm. Unwanted becomes coveted. Garbage becomes art. The Omega Project adorns a soon to be demolished house into a museum of art, perception and unbridled mystery and ethos. Arriving at the designated location there was already a […]

06 Jul 2016

The So-Cal Hoedown

This one came out of the blue but I can assure you, I was more than honoured to be a part of the 2016 So-Cal Hoedown in Santa Ana, California. I will be exhibiting some of my live music photography at the event sharing space with such luminaries as Justice Howard, Joe Coleman, Anthony Ausgang, Sailor Jerry, Freddy Negrette, Dirk Vermin, Missy Munster, Michael Kortez, Stanislav, Jeremy Gullotto, Jack Rudy, Skwerll, Alberto Vargas, Todd Robey! More info here. It promises […]

25 Apr 2016

Rites Of Passage Tattoo Festival 2016

Tattoo You I have managed to photograph every Rites Of Passage Festival event and it remains one of my fave tattoo exhibitions on the calendar. The first time I shot the event I was there as a mere punter but ever since that shoot, I now cover the event for both US and UK publications respectively. This year’s event was no exception and it proved to be another marvellous and successful outing for all concerned. I can’t share all the […]

03 Apr 2016

Emma McEvoy’s Sand Castles

My interest was certainly piqued when casually watching the news the other night. An abandoned, derelict house in Fitzroy, filled with tonnes of sand housing an amazing photo exhibition by the incredibly Emma McEvoy. I am so there! The house in Hertford Street, Fitzroy was filled with over 9 tonnes of sand pretty much bringing a slice of the Namibian ghost town of Kolmanskop into the inner suburbs of Melbourne. The inspiration for the installation is located in the Namibian […]