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09 Feb 2016

Blackhelm & Decimatus Live @ The Bendigo Hotel

Local Metal Excels I don’t usually photograph at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood. The venue is very small and very dimly lit. It makes for an incredibly difficult night shooting a gig but seeing as my friends in Blackhelm had asked me to shoot them live, I thought I would make an exception and check out the show tonight. I was only passing through so I didn’t have too much time at hand so I only caught Blackhelm and Decimatus […]

25 Nov 2015

Blackhelm Promo Shoot

The Blackhelm shoot you see before you had been done and dusted several months ago in the heart of Melbourne’s winter. The shoot was embargoed however, until the band (formerly Metalstorm) was ready to be unleashed to the world under their new moniker, Blackhelm. I was so antsy as I really wanted people to see these shots as I felt that we had a great day together making them. Well, the time has come and Blackhelm are ready for the […]