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29 Sep 2017
Black Sabbath The End Of The End

Black Sabbath: The End Of The End

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Screening at selected cinemas across the world on September 28, 2017 comes the final word from Black Sabbath. The final closure on the greatest band in the world, in a two-hour live concert and documentary opus that is sure to please all of us Black Sabbath tragics. You haven’t lived until you have seen this band on the live stage. No amount of bravado and hyperbole can do the Black Sabbath live experience any sort of justice […]

07 Sep 2017

Slipknot: Day Of The Gusano

It is amazing how far Slipknot have come in a relatively short space of time. Much maligned by elitist purists but their rise (and rise) has made them one of the biggest bands on the planet probably only second (or maybe third) to Metallica and Iron Maiden. They are a huge drawcard across nearly every country on the planet and even when they dare to hit uncharted territories such as Mexico in this documentary, they sell out their shows across […]

02 Dec 2016

Top 10 Albums of 2016

10: Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason Goddamn I was hanging out for this one. Hanging! In the end, I felt a little disappointed and this one, barely cracked my top 10. Don’t get me wrong, I dig it. I dig it a lot, but nowhere near the love I had for the previous opus Koloss. It’s unmistakably a Meshuggah record, no one sounds like this, but song structure and hooks get lost in the plethora of bludgeoning that […]

17 Nov 2016

Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

For most in my immediate circle, we grew up with Metallica. They weren’t discovered by us at a time when they had already made their mark on the world, but we found them way back in 1982 when record contracts were a figment of the band’s imagination and the only way they could get their music out was via the tape-trading circuit. The thriving tape-trading scene of the day reached fever pitch on a global scale when the No Life […]

16 Sep 2016

Ghost – Popestar

Ghost have proving they are one of the hardest working bands on the planet. With an absolutely gruelling schedule of non-stop touring it seems the extensive time on the road is beginning to take its toll. Astute Ghost fans will have already noticed that rhythm guitarist ‘Omega’ is no longer part of the band. Guitar duties have been taken over by Ghost’s bassist and a new bass player, who happens to be female, has taken over the roll. Whilst the […]

17 Dec 2015

Top 10 Albums of 2015

2015 has proven to be an incredibly difficult year to collate a top 10 best albums list. There were so many good releases throughout the year that I could have easily extended the list to be a top 50. But, through careful consideration and a look at just how much time I spent with each album, I was able to refine it down to an eclectic top 10. The selection below is diverse and uniquely different from each other but […]

25 Aug 2015

The Twenty Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time

Death To All But Metal! Where does one begin? Seriously, how does one even begin to compile such a list? I have thought about this many, many times over the course of several years and I end up frustrating the hell out of myself! I try to think back over a lifetime of listening to music and break it all down into some sort of sensical list. Over the years, the list does change but the following records that have […]