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25 Mar 2015

Key Of Solomon Promo Shoot

I was delighted to be approached by the Key Of Solomon team to be involved in their photographic promo campaign for 2015. We had originally scheduled this shoot for earlier in the year, but we’re unable to align our calendars until now. Basically, they were after some product shots of their new t-shirt range and various other model shots of said t-shirts and apparel out in the wild. We were graced with amazing weather on the day of the shoot […]

24 Mar 2015

The Inner Sanctum Of Stephen Ives

I had the extreme honour of photographing the incredible Stephen Ives in his studio this evening. I’ve been a fan of his work for many years now and I presented him with a photo I took of him at his current exhibition ‘Bleak’ which is now on at Backwoods Gallery. In exchange he gave me an original piece of his art. Colour me blown away I can assure you. I cannot wait to frame it and have it adorn my […]

20 Mar 2015

Stephen Ives ‘Bleak’

I have been fortunate enough to attend most of Stephen Ives’ Melbourne exhibitions through the years. Each and every time he manages to blow me away. His highly imaginative works, so intricate in their depth, scale and detail upon detail – always astound. Always bedazzle! For his third solo exhibition at Backwoods Gallery, Stephen Ives dives into a raw purgative interpretation of death and fate on the personal as well as grand human scale. Drawing inspiration from the iconic equestrian […]

12 Mar 2015

Eureka Rebellion Trading Promo Shoot

It’s always a personal blast for yours truly whenever my good friends at Eureka Rebellion Trading call me up for a shoot. We’ve had some great times over the last couple of years at an assortment of events that have been held throughout the store. Most are covered right here in this blog and can all be seen here. Eureka stands as one of fave stores throughout Australia and they’ve certainly come a long way in their first two years […]

12 Mar 2015

Adalita Live @ The Gasometer, Melbourne, Australia

One of my most played albums of the past couple of years has been Adalita’s ‘All Day Venus’. Simply a superb album featuring an amazing collection of songs so finely crafted and delivered as only Adalita can do. It is a definite go-to album when I want to take things down a notch from the usual bludgeon-riffola I am usually accustomed to and/or associated with. I love my Metal, but I also love escaping it for a while. As stated, […]

09 Mar 2015

Return To Powerhouse Geelong

Just some quick snaps from a quick stroll through the Geelong Powerhouse…

12 Feb 2015

Dead City Ruins Promo Shoot

Local hard rock heroes Dead City Ruins were on the bill for King Parrot’s return to Melbourne gig a couple of weeks ago. HEAVY magazine, who I shoot extensively for, were wanting a quick and nasty promo shoot with Dead City Ruins so one was organised post-haste. We really did not have a lot of time to plan for this. Barely 24 hours. Seeing as I would only have the band for a limited time too, I decided that it […]

26 Jan 2015

King Parrot Live @ The Gasometer, Melbourne, Australia

I got to the Gasometer hotel a little before 6pm as I had to do a quick promotional shoot with hard rockers Dead City Ruins. The boys were on tonight’s bill along with King Parrot and Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach who was doing a DJ set. We decided to do the shoot as close to the venue as possible to keep things all practical and as to not disturb the band’s routine preparing for the gig. The shoot went great. […]

21 Jan 2015

Jesse Leach Spoken Word

Tonight was the night of the spoken word show ‘Memories, Words And Songs’ by Killswitch Engage’s frontman, Jesse Leach. I was honoured to be a ‘part’ of this somewhat, as my photo of Jesse was used throughout the advertising collateral and was available for sale as a strictly limited edition signed print. This was to be Jesse’s first ever spoken word performance so you could feel the slight edge of nervousness within the man and the room just before he […]

08 Nov 2014

Anvil Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

My first foray into the Metal genre happened in the late 70’s. A cousin emigrated from the USA to Australia and along with him, brought a long a veritable slab of music such as Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Van Halen et al. I was already a die-hard KISS fan by then and whilst I do realise I am showing my age here – you get the picture. Move along a few years into the early 80’s, and one’s taste was […]

01 Nov 2014

Oil Stained Brain 2014

The Oil Stained Brain (OSB) exhibition is a celebration of the skill, hard work and imagination of some of Australia’s best “backyard” custom motorcycle builders. More art exhibition than motorcycle show, the event is the first of its kind in Australia, and has already gained attention from the global motorcycle enthusiast community with over 7000 people attending the event in its first 2 years. Event organisers Jimmy Goode and Geoff ‘Richie’ Baldwin have curated an eclectic mix of custom bikes […]

22 Oct 2014

A Night With Devin Townsend

I really didn’t know what to expect from tonight but I am so glad I took on the assignment to photograph the event because the entire evening, from start to finish, was something pretty damn close to magical. Let’s lay the cards on the table from the outset, I am a huge Devin Townsend fan. Have been for a very long time and have photographed the last 3-4 of his Australian tours. Dev and the band always bring forth a […]

05 Oct 2014

Sepultura Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

I knew about the Seputura gig months and months ago. I worked on their tour trailer (see below) as I did some Multimedia work for the touring company Metropolis over the last couple of years. So I was more than excited when the tour finally landed on our shores and the opportunity to photograph this iconic, classic band of the Metal genre. Granted, two of the original members are no longer in the band, and haven’t been for a very […]

17 Aug 2014

An Evening With Courtney Love

The annual winter hiatus of not shooting any gigs over the cold Melbourne months, came to an end last night as I photographed the enigmatic Courtney Love at Festival Hall. Although 95% of my live music photography is of the harder edged acts, who was I to pass up an opportunity to have an evening with Ms Love and her brand spanking new band on her first tour of Australia for quite a while. It had also been a while […]

23 Jun 2014

Diamanda Galás Live @ Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania

Das Fieberspital I was given the unique and utterly rewarding opportunity to photograph a personal idol of mine last night. I don’t usually get overtly emotional about the plethora of artists I have shot over the years. Of course, there are always exceptions, but photographing Diamanda Galás is akin to being part of a seclusive, tragic little nightmare. It’s like bearing witness to someone’s inner demons and the dark, lonely out of sight souls that inhabit the stage and auditoria […]

04 Apr 2014

Kylesa Live @ The Espy, Melbourne, Australia

Over the past five years or so, Kylesa have ranked as one of my fave bands. Their discography gets liberal doses of airtime at very regular intervals. Hey, I’m a fan! A big fan!So it was with great excitement that I greeted their tour of Australia that is happening as we speak. I quickly looked at the dates trying to line up the night I could actually shoot them. As they were playing smaller venues which aren’t too photographer-friendly, I […]

27 Mar 2014

Sons Of Anarchy Media Event @ Eureka Rebellion Trading

I was invited to photograph the ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ media event at Eureka Rebellion Trading and what a fantastic night it all proved to be. ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ is hugely popular. There aren’t too many of my friends who don’t watch it even though I just haven’t had a chance to experience it all even if I own a few seasons on DVD. I really need to make the time to watch it all and after last night’s event – […]

28 Feb 2014

My Soundwave Curse

RIP Soundwave For whatever reason, the Soundwave planets never seem to align for me. I have been scheduled to shoot 4 of them over the years, I have only ever made it to one and that was in 2014. I had an absolute blast that day, most of which is chronicled pictorially herein. It would have been great to have covered them all, but alas, it wasn’t to be. In 2013 I had to withdraw due to coming down with […]

25 Jan 2014

Big Day Out 2014

I hadn’t shot a Music Festival before. I came very close last year being assigned to photograph the Soundwave Festival, but I fell ill that week and missed out on the opportunity. This year, I got allocated passes to photography the annual Big Day Out sojourn and I was very much looking forward to it seeing as Primus, Ghost, Vista Chino and Deftones were on the bill. The last Big Day Out I attended was in the year 2000 which […]

22 Jan 2014

Ghost Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

You should have been there Melbourne! You shoulda been there! To say that tonight’s Ghost gig, their first proper headline show on our shores, was a classic, is an understatement. It was one out-of-the-box both for fans and band alike. Having toured Australia early last year as part of the Soundwave Festival, the band won many fans over with their unique schtick and retro-prog-classic-rock sound. But tonight, they’d be holding their own in front of an adoring Melbourne crowd. Never […]