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14 May 2018

Cradle Of Filth Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

It’s been a bit of a busy period in the photo pits of Melbourne of late and it is only going to get busier in the next few weeks. Some great shows and shoots to come. Tonight it was time to get re-aquainted with Cradle Of Filth again. Last time I had photographed them was exactly five years plus one day at this very same venue! I don’t remember too much about that night but I do recall I wasn’t […]

07 May 2018

Ihsahn Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Night two photographing Ihsahn and I literally had to get out of bed to cover this one. Sick as a fuckn dog with a bad flu but there was no way I could get anyone to cover for me so I had to go and shoot. Don’t expect much in the way of written form here. I went, I shot as best as I could and then left for the warm confines of a sick bed! Oh, Ihsahn were simply […]