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Welcome To My Nightmare

There’s the old adage about not bothering to tinker with something that is all well and good. You know it well…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Yet even if the previous site wasn’t broken, it just started to appear a little long in the tooth for mine and there were certain aspects of it, and how it functioned that I was just not 100% happy with. Also, the backend and image directories where an utter disaster. I needed to future-proof the site more, all aspects of it, front and back – so that next time I want to do a new design, it won’t be so painful!

Whilst I was overseas this year, I began planning in my head how I wanted the new site to appear, and to function. Content wise, I wanted to populate it with as much content as I could. I have been blogging since 2002 and I wanted to revive some of the content I wrote back then and incorporate it into the new site.

Yes, this is predominantly a photography site – but I wanted some of my personality and traits to shine through all the additional content included. I find most photographer sites rather dull, lifeless and devoid of any sort of personality about the photographer in question. A plethora of galleries and portfolios bore the fuck out of me. Not interested! Yawnfest!

I began working on this site a little after I returned from Europe. I wasn’t shooting any gigs over this harsh Melbourne winter and I wanted to get my site nice and ready for when gig-shooting season really kicks in for me.

I had a design done and dusted at one point after spending 4 weeks getting it all together. When it was finished, I just felt again it was lacking what I initially envisioned and very slow under certain memory conditions with the heavy graphic load.

So I ditched it. And started again.

From July 9th until today, I have been working on this version at every spare moment I get. I wanted to create a classic blog looking site in function and form but at the same time an easy way to sell my products and to display my work. It is not quite finished. I need to work on the mobile version of it, but I could not afford to have no online presence up at the minute and this BETA version was unleashed!

I hope you like it. There is so much content going to be added here over the journey, so keep coming back as there is much, much more to come!

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