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Rone The Omega Project

For me, it is always a thrill photographing any of Rone’s works. He is a true ethereal artist with the ability to transform the abandoned and the unwanted into definitive pieces of art. He creates life where there was once nothingness. Cold becomes warm. Unwanted becomes coveted. Garbage becomes art.

The Omega Project adorns a soon to be demolished house into a museum of art, perception and unbridled mystery and ethos.

Arriving at the designated location there was already a queue formed stretching quite a distance. Subsequently there was an hour long wait in absolutely freezing conditions to get inside the house.

The wait did not bother me. It was all well and truly worth it witnessing an abandoned home become a veritable art museum. It felt like a step back in time yet through the mist, dust and haze, the walls were adorned with more of Rone’s works staring back at you and a world that does not exist.

The show runs until July 30. It is there for you to witness. Don’t miss an opportunity like this.

Visit Rone’s Website here.

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