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Rone – Empty

Walking into the abandoned (and soon to be demolished) Star Lyric Theatre this afternoon, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Not only was I blown away by this gorgeous old abandoned silent-movie theatre but the overwhelmingly brilliant work of Melbourne artist Rone.

Rone has the uncanny knack of always leaving me perplexed and astounded at the scope and realism of his amazing portraits which have adorned walls the world over.

I had no idea that this derelict building even was a theatre because as long as I have been in the area, I just thought of it as a defunct warehouse.

The space is just incredible and I told my partner whilst standing in the middle of it all how much of an amazing music venue this could possibly have made. But no, it will be torn down for more woeful apartments. Just what Melbourne needs more of hey? Such a shame that this venue could not have been restored and made into an incredible music hall. It would be perfect for gigs I can assure you!

The main centrepiece of this exhibition features a large scale portrait in typical Rone style. But it has been meshed with some of the building’s original mural which was only discovered after Rone began sandblasting the wall.

On display is also an assortment of Rone paintings and a fantastic selection of photographs by Rone of his works on abandoned buildings.

Catching up with the man himself he said to me and my partner that he is always amazed that the pair of us are always in black when he meets us! And this coming from the man who himself was decked out in black from hat to sneaker! 🙂

As I said, this is an incredible impressive marriage between art and space as only Rone can do. Details are below. You have only got yourself to blame if you miss this show!

Rone – Empty
October 14 – 23
Open Daily 12 – 6pm

Opening Night – October 14 6-9pm

The Star Lyric
247 Johnson Street

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