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Behind The Curtain: Watain

Sworn To The Dark

I used to disdain red lights at gigs at many of Melbourne’s venues. But I’ve learnt to love it.

Especially with the genre of acts that I shoot, I have found that with some editing, you can achieve some deliciously evil tones!

Back in 2014, I had the pleasure of photographing Black Metal legends Watain opening for Mayhem at Melbourne Max Watts (formerly Hifi Bar).

That particular venue is renowned amongst photographers as a very tough shoot, and on that night, Watain were draped in a very dimly lit plethora of red throughout their entire set.

Below are a couple of raw, original shots from that night. Dark, red and a struggle to get anything of note.

Watain (Raw/Original)

I did, however, like the two shots above, so I decided to merge them and create a final image.

Watain (Edit)

You can view the entire Watain and Mayhem shoot at this location…

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