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Black Label Society Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Destruction Overdrive!

Looking at my forthcoming gig calendar a couple of weeks ago, I noticed I was down to cover Black Label Society on both night’s of their Australian tour. Two nights in a row with Zakk would be magic in anyone’s book – including mine, but I decided I would only cover the one night. With a toss of the coin, tonight was the winner!

I was eagerly anticipating this gig because every time Zakk’s been in town, I’ve had another gig to shoot so I have missed out on his many sojourns to the Great Southern Land.

Finally the planets had aligned and here I was in Zakk’s photo-pit riding every guitar squeal and Rock Star pose with glee!

“Finally!” I thought to myself, with camera at the ready and in the great man’s presence, I did what I had to do.

And what a sight it is! He appears like a Biker God from Hell and within the space of one solitary song, you’ve seen every single guitar-hero pose and heard every single note a guitar can produce done with absolute perfection.

Standing atop a couple of taped together road cases, the guy is an absolute Heavy Metal icon.

An incredibly busy and vastly over-crowded photo-pit jockeys for position every where that Zakk happened to be standing. It was akin to a shark feeding frenzy and I felt like a total dick having to muscle my way through just to get a shot.

Black Label Society found the crowd well and truly warmed up as local lads Mammoth Mammoth held their own and put forth an absolutely blistering set.

Hard to believe this was my first sighting of Mammoth Mammoth. Now I kinda know what all the fuss is about. Absolute killer performance that won the guys over a ton of fans! Haven’t seen so much spray since the last Japanese porno I watched. Almost like a beer bukake or some such sorts! The last time I was drenched in beer it was cos of Marilyn Manson, this time the local lads got me!

Mammoth Mammoth

Just a fantastic gig all round and if tonight is any indication, tomorrow night’s sold out gig at this very venue is sure to bring the roof down.

Hope you’ve got your tickets! It promises to be Wylde!

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