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The Abandoned Bradmill Factory

Located at Fogarty Avenue in Yarraville, literally at the foot of the West Gate Bridge, is the abandoned Bradmill Factory.

The abandoned mill is nearly 100 years old now and would have to be one of the most easily accessible derelict locations I’ve ever explored. Drove in, parked the car and in I went to take some photos.

Not a soul around.

The former textile mill is soon to become a ‘mini-suburb’ so I don’t think it will be around for too much longer.

Once inside, their were multi-levels to explore with very rusty stairwells ascending a couple of floors above.

Predictably, the place has been infiltrated and destroyed by vandals and graffiti but there is still a lot to explore and see.

As it is so open, a lot of parties, weddings(!), and other assorted get-togethers happen throughout.

There is an underground tunnel which I didn’t explore today, but shall do so in the future when I am better equipped.

Today’s shoot was a spur-of-the-moment last second decision, but I’ll be back to detail it even more extensively.

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