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Monster Children Photo Comp Shortlist 2015

Shortlisted… again!

Well I have been shortlisted once again this year for the annual Monster Children photo comp.

First of all we’d like to thank you for your support in the 2015 Photo Competition! We had tens of thousands of images, the response was overwhelming!

And now we’d like to congratulate you on being selected in the first round of Shortlisted images! This will be reduced once more to a final shortlist from which we’ll pick our winner and four finalists! Please confirm that you are the sole owner of the image and that it hasn’t been super imposed, recreated or altered with photo editing software. (Re-touching of colours etc is accepted).

Back-to-back shortlist(s). I’m happy with that!

I was pretty surprised with the photo they chose as I felt I entered better ones than this. Anyway, this is the first shortlist process. There will be another shortly so we’ll see if this one makes the grade again.

The photo is of Clowns from their recent gig at Eureka Rebellion Trading

Some phenomenal shots in this year’s Music category as can be seen here.

Last year, I had two photos shortlisted and one made the finals. Some felt I was pretty unlucky to lose last year. I don’t think this year’s shot is finals worthy, but we’ll see how it goes.

View the shortlist here.

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