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Everfresh Open Studio 2015

Last year’s Everfresh Open Studio was a success for both the Everfresh crew and yours truly. Many of last year’s photos were used throughout some of the studio’s mailing list collateral throughout the year and I was both honoured and chuffed that the lads enjoyed my work.

Over 1,500 people visited the studio last year which was reason enough Everfresh decided to do the whole thing all over again.

I was contacted by one of the promoters of the event Flaunt Marketing who wanted to sponsor me for this year’s open studio. I was more than delighted to have been chosen and expressed my sincere gratitude to Rone this afternoon.

Like last year, by the time I got to the studio there was a very large crowd lined up outside all the way around Chopper Lane. There is no doubt at all over the ability for the Everfresh crew to always pull a crowd.

Queue stretches all around the corner as it did all day

The doors were well and truly open between the hours of 12 and 5 and again, there was a fantastic turnout on offer.

Once I walked in, I got a feel for the place again and then began planning in my head what I was to photograph. I always get such a kick seeing how other creatives work. It is so inspiring being in such an environment and I kept imagining what my space would look like if I was ever fortunate enough to share a hub with such a crew.

There was plenty of amazing art on display and on offer by all the artists (Rone, Wanderlust, Tooth, Tom Civil, Mayo and Maka) who all were courteous, kind and embracing of all the punters who came by for a visit today.

Everfresh Open Studio 2015 was a fantastic day and I implore all and sundry to check it out if the lads do decide to do this again in 12 months time.

With thanks to Rone and the entire Everfresh crew and Lena Leibhardt & Flaunt Marketing

View the gallery over on the Taubmans Off Canvas website.

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