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H.I.M Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

It’s always a treat getting to shoot a band you absolutely adore!

Having been a huge H.I.M fan for quite a few years now, I was greatly anticipating the opportunity to photograph these guys.

Which is saying something. Earlier in the day I won a pass to go and see the incredible Faith No More but I surrendered that ticket to my cousin. Couple that with the fact that also, Meshuggah were doing a show elsewhere – I decided to stick with Ville and the boys and finally get to photograph this truly incredible band.

From the outset, The Hifi Bar was packed to the rafters. I was there about an hour early, made my way to the photo-pit and just could not believe the heat inside this place.

A hot night for rock and roll!

I didn’t stay past my allotted three song limit in the photo-pit but as far as I could tell, it was proving to be a pretty raucous and fun gig. I’m sure the packed Hifi Bar had themselves a great night tonight.

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