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Cult Of Luna Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve only ever had a passing interest in the music of Cult Of Luna.

Never a fan and about the only time I ever really listened to them is when my colleague at work would play them on heavy rotation. I couldn’t get into their Prog Metal/Doom/Sludge histrionics but let me say this, coming home from the gig tonight – I’m converted…

This was a truly magical performance of epic proportions.

For a band to play such complex moody soundscapes and to pull it all off without a single friggn bum note anywhere is quite an achievement. With a sublime sound-mix that was as intense as it was loud and crystal clear, the band pulled off a monolith performance that left me with my mouth agape for most of the band’s intricate and highly entertaining set. I guess what I am trying to say is that I was blown away!

Cult of Luna are truly a unique act. Hailing from Sweden and featuring 8 members- (two drummers, keyboards, lead vocalist, 3 guitars and bass) – they sound like a cross between old-school Black Sabbath with hints of Pink Floyd at their esoteric best and a splash of Mogwai thrown in for good measure. What astounded me the most was the intense ferocity and precision these guys delivered their blistering set to a welcoming audience. Such dynamic power and force interspersed with beautiful melodies and songs. Its all as close to classical music as you can get.

I was given the job to photograph the band’s performance by the crew over at Fasterlouder and photographically speaking, it was a chance to put the Canon 5D MkII through its paces. I always find live concert photography to be the most challenging and I gotta say here and now… this is a damn, fine camera. It handled the low light with ease and the sharpness in the pictures was a joy to behold. I ditched the 50mm tonight and just stayed with the 24-105mm all night. Man what a fab lens. Superfast and responsive. I took close to 400 shots and not many were throwaways I can assure you.

An amazing gig and one that has left me clamouring to get a hold of the band’s complete discography. Brilliant!

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