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The G20 Protest

Protest And Survive

In late 2006, I had bought myself my first DSLR camera – a newly released Canon 400D and the kit 18-55mm lens! A humble beginning but after three to four years of shooting with my point-n-shoot, it was a considerable upgrade.

I loved the Canon. Took it everywhere!

A week into its ownership, I decided to go and photograph the forecasted G20 protest that was to take place on the streets of Melbourne.

It was my chance to experience life as a photo-journalist, a career path that even to this day interests me greatly.

I didn’t quite expect the ferocity of the conflict that took hold once the protestors and the police clashed. Looking back at these 9 year old photos, I can see that I was quite brave enough to really get in tight and close and capture more of the violence that was on offer.

If I was photographing these scenes today, I know for a fact they would illustrate much more of the carnage and bloodshed. Kind of like a photo-pit free Thrash Metal gig (!!!)

Still, I felt I came away with some good work even in these rookie years and I’d like to present this pictorial of the day for you here…

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